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Reposes dashboard reports, happiness dashboard reports and strength and weakness points.

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Think Plus smart application survey TPSAS it’s one of Think Plus Consulting Company group systems that contribute to the business development Institutions and Government Agencies and Private Organizations have by doing the design questionnaires and questions of any study or diagnostic gap analysis so as to identify the main themes and sub - questions associated in addition to the desired target identification to achieve during the design process.

That the intelligent system is to deal with the targets set out in the extract automatic reports on the desirable areas of strength and areas required by the organization.

The intelligent system is important and that the organization can do the work of any studies you want. Systems was happiness or satisfaction of any study of concerned groups, such as customers or partners or the community , suppliers, or employees on the other hand the possibility of design questions relating to the assessment gap analysis , for example, but not limited to reflecting the requirements of the application provides international quality systems such as ISO family, in addition to the possibility of designing measure the application of corporate governance within the organization to do or fourth generation design questions evaluating programs or any organizational excellence organization would like to know the level in this area.

We been have smart program designed to suit the requirements and changes in the field of excellence to meet the requirements of those institutions and organizations and to serve the continuous improvement of operations.


Think Plus smart application survey TPSAS is designed to support Institutions and Organizations in achieving the following objectives:

  • Questions unwanted Studies and design requirements by organization through identifying the type of study and access unwanted results.
  • Appropriate questions designed to analyze the diagnostic gaps in performance for all the excellence requirements.
  • Achieve answer the requirements and analysis of questionnaires, and extract the results automatically based on the target set.
  • Assist authorities in the process dash board display directly and work with the appropriate comparisons extract the report's strengths and areas for improvement automatically


TPSAS is result of many years of experience in Survey and consultant we have many clients using TPSAS and we competed successfully large number of projects ..

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  • 202


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  • 30K

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    Work Done


  • Design you survey

    First step to design your survey with main subjects and question

  • Publish your survey

    Next step to publish survey and sent it to all users or some users in the list.

  • Get result

    Finally result will be bring to you as full report includes all data you will need it to plan and make your strategy


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